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BOZEMAN, MT- Members of the American Junior Simmental Association recently competed in the North Central Regional Classic held June 14-16, in Kearney, Nebraska, and was hosted by the Nebraska Simmental Association.

Representing nine states, nearly 100 junior members with a total of 148 head of cattle were in attendance and participated in a variety of beef industry-related competitions. AJSA members were divided into junior and senior divisions according to their age and then given the opportunity to showcase their skills in various categories, including: cattlemen's quiz, public speaking, sales talk, judging contest, cattle show, and showmanship. The Regional classics are designed to provide competition and a learning experience to junior members throughout the nation and are patterned after ASA's National Classic.

Competition is designed to enhance the learning experience and showcase the skills of the contestants, through hands-on application, friendly competition, and public recognition.

The placings for the North Central Regional Classic are as follows:

Junior Division

First Jr. Overall Individual: Claire Volk, NE

Second Jr. Overall Individual: Koty Allen, WI

First Jr. Cattlemen's Quiz: Kyle Ruth, IA

Second Jr. Cattlemen's Quiz: Kory Allen, WI

First Jr. Public Speaking: Claire Volk, NE

Second Jr. Public Speaking: Madeline Volk, NE

First Jr. Cattle Judging: Ben Gleason, KS

Second Jr. Cattle Judging: Claire Volk, NE

First Jr. Sales Talk: Claire Volk, NE

Second Jr. Sales Talk: Shane Schaake, KS

First Jr. Showmanship: Derick Vogt, NE

Second Jr. Showmanship: Shane Schaake, KS

First Jr. Overall Team: Dr. Suver's Special Neighbors:C. Volk, NE;M. Volk, NE;D. Vogt; NE; K. Ruth, IA

Second Jr. Overall Team: Mr. K2: K. Allen, WI; K. Allen, WI; M. Swiecichowski, WI; R. Bricco, WI

Senior Division

First Sr. Overall: Amanda Eberspacher, MN

Second Sr.. Overall: Abram Mertz, KS

First Sr. Cattlemen's Quiz: Cliff Kaehler, MN

Second Sr. Cattlemen's Quiz: Amada Eberspacher, MN

First Sr. Public Speaking: Michelle Colgan, KS

Second Sr. Public Speaking: Abram Mertz, KS

First Sr. Cattle Judging: Jake Gleason, KS

Second Sr. Cattle Judging: Vance Bomgren, MN

First Sr. Sales Talk: Abram Mertz, KS

Second Sr. Sales Talk: Landon Vason, IA

First Sr. Showmanship: Kyle Porter, IA

Second Sr. Showmanship: Brent Reck, IA

First Sr. Overall Team: 3 Legal Adults & Seth: A. Mertz, KS; M. Colgan, KS; C. Kaehler, MN; S. Kaehler, MN

Second Sr. Overall Team: Maternal Performance: A. Eberspacher, MN; C. Jass, IA; V. Ujazdowski, WI; C. Davis, IL.

Cattle Show Results

Official Judge: Vance Uden, Franklin, NE

Grand Champion Simmental Heifer: “RB Lilly,” exh. by Amanda Eberspacher, MN

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer: “WS RS Lucky Dream S25,” exh. by Chase Jass, IA

Grand Champion Simmental Bred & Owned: “RBS Sweet Thing,” exh. by Brent Reck, IA

Reserve Champion Simmental Bred & Owned: “AJE/JF Ant Joys Cashmere,” exh. by Amanda Eberspacher, MN

Grand Champion Percentage Heifer: “Wishing Well Bea,” exh. by Valerie Ujazdowski, WI

Reserve Champion Percentage Heifer: “Casons Miss Rosey,” exh. by Landon Cason, IA

Grand Champion Percentage Bred & Owned Heifer: “Wishing Well Bea,” exh. by Valerie Ujazdowski, WI

Reserve Champion Percentage Bred & Owned Heifer: “KA Dandie S130,” Koty Allen, WI:

Grand Champion Simmental Cow/Calf Pair: “SFI Miss Minni L145,” exh. by Shane Schaake, KS

Reserve Champion Simmental Cow/Calf Pair: “CRB Scarlet N19,” exh. by Toby Jarvais, WI

Grand Champion Steer: “Slick,” exh. by Scott Franke, MN

Reserve Champion Steer: “Max,” exh. by Kyle Ruth, IA

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, the American Simmental Association maintains the breed registries for the Simmental and Simbrah breeds of cattle. The organization has an active adult and junior membership of more than 8,000.


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