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Cow Creek Ranch, LLC, Aliceville, Ala., announces the 10th anniversary of the Ultrablack® breed of cattle. Ultrablacks (Brangus x Angus) are an effective breeding option in the southern one-third of the country because of their environmental suitability and carcass attributes.

While Ultrablacks were founded by Cow Creek Ranch 10 years ago, experimentation with the breed began years earlier. Cow Creek Ranch began breeding Ultrablacks as early as 1993 and began actively marketing them in 1996. Cow Creek Ranch trademarked the Ultrablack name in 1998. In 2006, Cow Creek Ranch announced the sale of its Ultrablack trademark to the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA), San Antonio. Since the sale, Ultrablacks have grown into a globally recognized breed and their approval continues to mature.

“Ultrablacks have provided an opportunity that only comes along every once in a great while, for IBBA members giving them a market that should have always been their but not recognized until recently. There is no doubt that Ultrablack cattle will provide the best genetics that Brangus and Angus has to offer providing an opportunity that will be quickly recognized by the commercial cattlemen. It's just too good to pass up,” noted Dr. Joe Massey, IBBA Executive Vice-President.

"We are extremely pleased with the performance and national acceptance of the Ultrablacks. Over the past decade, Ultrablacks have become widely used in the southern and mid-sections of the U.S. and earned a well-deserved reputation for carcass quality, performance and maternal attributes,” commented Joe Reznicek, Cow Creek Ranch owner.

“Cattlemen have enjoyed the benefits of using Ultrablack bulls. Cow Creek customers like the clean sheaths and some customers want ears more like Angus in their steer calves, but they also want the Brangus influence in their females. Our customers like the extra growth they get in their calves because of the Brangus influence, as many tell us they lose 50 to 75 pounds per calf when they use a straight Angus. Plus with Ultrablacks they get the females they want, so it's a positive double edge sword,” said Reznicek.

Although the Ultrablack name is now nationally used and recognized, Cow Creek Ranch will always be the home of the Ultrablack. Cow Creek Ranch will hold its 325 head bull sale on Saturday, October 13, 2007, at the ranch near Aliceville. The bull offering will include Ultrablacks as well as Brangus and some Angus. On Friday, October 12th, the ranch will market 500 customer-owned commercial Brangus bred heifers. For more information on Cow Creek Ranch, LLC, or Ultrablacks, please contact Cow Creek Ranch at 1170 Cow Creek Road, Aliceville, AL 35442, 205/373-2269, e-mail to or on the web at


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