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The replacement heifer is a mixed blessing for most cow-calf operators. On one hand, she represents future profitability and genetic improvement of the cow herd; thus her selection and development are of paramount importance to the continued success of any cow herd.

On the other hand, the replacement heifer is an inconvenience at best. Her smaller size and higher nutritional requirements dictate she be raised and managed separately from the rest of the herd; yet the fact that she is essentially non-productive for the first two years of her life makes her easy prey for mismanagement. Nevertheless, proper growth and development of the replacement female from birth until she produces her first calf is of critical importance for her to become a highly productive part of the cow herd.

A special heifer development educational meeting will be held on September 11, 2007. The place is the Service Center Building at 155 Reform Street in Carrollton, Ala. The time is 7:00 p.m. Do you think that someone who had developed and bred over 60,000 heifers would know what they were doing? What if you add that this person does it in a 45 day period using all artificial insemination? Now, what if this person ran close to a 90 percent conception rate, don't you think they would know how to do it?

We are fortunate in west Alabama to host Dr. Patsy Houghton, President and General Manager of Heartland Cattle Company, for an educational meeting. Dr. Houghton from McCook, Nebraska will do a presentation and then allow time for questions from the audience.

This will be a time for you to learn about heifer selection and development from a true expert. She makes her living doing it. This program is sponsored by the Pickens County Cattlemen's Association and the Pickens County Extension Office. For more information contact Sam Wiggins at 205-367-8148.


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