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Retired Tyson executive, Gene Leman, joined the Board of Directors for Cactus Feeders, Inc. on February 1, 2007. "We've worked with Gene for many years in his roles with IBP and Tyson, and we're pleased with his acceptance of a Board appointment. Gene brings a level of expertise and experience that Cactus can readily and productively utilize in Board deliberations," said Cactus Chairman, Paul Engler. "We've seen first hand Gene's strength in anticipating the marketplace and knowing how to make things happen," Engler adds.

Leman's 41-year career in the meat packing industry included 25 years with Tyson (previously IBP). Under Leman's leadership, IBP pork and beef operations experienced significant growth and strong financial performance. Notable milestones in his career include Tyson's case-ready supply to Wal-Mart and standardization of meat cutting which lowered production costs and led the way for other packers.

"I've always been impressed by Paul Engler and his organization's ability to bring innovative thinking to the cattle industry," Leman commented. "I'm honored to be asked to serve on this board and do my part to help the Cactus team with more interesting and creative initiatives."

Cactus Feeders, headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, operates ten feedyards on the Texas High Plains and Southwestern Kansas.


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