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REDMOND, Ore – Sept. 20, 2007 – Today, Kobe Beef America, Inc., the leading producer of American Wagyu Kobe Beef, launched a new website in which meat lovers can buy Kobe Beef products online. This website marks the expansion of the business and increased demand for the product, providing an additional channel in which Kobe Beef America can distribute its trademark beef nationwide.

Kobe Beef America uses only cattle created from the original genetic line of the Wagyu cattle from Japan. The beef is renowned for its flavor, remarkable tenderness and fatty-marbling – making it the highest grade American style Kobe Beef available in the United States. The beef hails the legendary tenderness that Japanese style Kobe Beef is known for, yet is specifically made to meet American size portions and American palates.

“We recognize that there is a large difference in how Americans like to enjoy their steak and the traditional Japanese delicacy,” said Mark Hoegh, vice president of marketing, Kobe Beef America. “We specialize in providing American style Kobe Beef the way steak lovers want it.”

The new website,, features an easy-to-navigate online store in which customers can pick from a large selection of products, including roasts, traditional steak cuts and Kurobuta pork. Products are shipped 3 – 5 business days, and both two-day and overnight delivery via FedEx will be available.

Currently, the steaks are distributed in several states across the US and are available in fine restaurants, retail outlets, and gourmet food stores. Now, with the new site, almost anyone in the US can order the beef and have it delivered directly to their door.

The company's reputation for unmatched quality and taste has skyrocketed sales, increasing 400 percent over the last three years.

Unlike other competitors, Kobe Beef America was the first to market American style Kobe Beef in the US. Founder, R.L. Freeborn, was one of the first ranchers to ever bring Wagyu cattle to the US and has been perfecting the line of cattle for 30 years. Having worked directly with the Japanese, the cattle Freeborn uses for his products are direct descendants of the coveted Japanese Wagyu.

The company continues to expand its product offering and plans to introduce a new line of steaks in the fourth quarter of this year. The new products will be geared toward high-end restaurants and top steak house chains nationwide.

Kobe Beef America, Inc.

Kobe Beef America was established on the basic premise, to provide unmatched flavor, tenderness and consistency…guaranteed. KBA's American style Kobe Beef is unmatched in quality in the US and fills the gap between how Americans appreciate steak and the Japanese delicacy. R.L. Freeborn, a fourth generation beef producer from Redmond, Oregon, and the visionary behind KBA™, LLC, founded KBA. He's long been involved in both the seed stock industry as well as the exporting of high quality beef to the Japanese market. At KBA, the company focuses on Wagyu cattle, the Japanese animal typically used for the Japanese style beef delicacies. Freeborn has organized producers from various parts of the United States. Under his direction, they're channeling animal genetics and feed programs to produce superior beef products exclusively for KBA™. All KBA Wagyu beef products are natural and free of growth hormone additives. The company is located in Redmond, Oregon and was the first to market American style Kobe Beef in the US. Learn more about Kobe Beef America at


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