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Performance Data, Ultrasound Scans, EPDs, DNA Markers. Sound like a mouthful? In a way, it is. These and other technologies are being put to use every day by cattlemen in Alabama to be sure consumers have access to the most mouthwatering and nutritious beef available.

"In recent years, cattle production really has gone high tech. We know what consumers want and we have the technology at our fingertips to select the types of animals that will produce beef that will give our customer the great eating experience they're after," says Orland Britnell, a cattleman from Russellville and President of the Alabama Cattlemen' s Association.

In the past, animals were selected based on their accomplishments in trials such as performance tests or stock shows. Now, through the use of technologies such as ultrasound, progeny testing, and DNA testing, cattlemen have the ability to evaluate animals on a new set of criteria that relates directly to the beef quality of their offspring.

"Research shows that marbling increases the flavor and juiciness of a cut such as a ribeye steak. Taking that a step further , cattlemen are able to select a breeding bull to mate their cows to knowing that he has scored high during an ultrasound scan of his actual ribeye muscle. This correlates to his progeny and descendants producing higher quality beef," says Dr. Billy Powell, Executive Vice President of the Alabama Cattlemen' s Association.

Consumers today are at an advantage in a way they've never been before when picking up a package of beef to buy and serve to their families. They can buy with confidence knowing that the beef in their grocer's meat case has actually been developed directly for a great eating experience.

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