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OMAHA, Neb., (February 4, 2009) – Fifty-eight head of Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus bulls were exhibited in the yards during the 2009 National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver, Colo. On Saturday, January 17, Dr. Steve Myers of Colorado Springs, Colo. sorted the sixteen pens of bulls exhibited in pens of three and five, in divisions of Purebred Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus, the composite breed recognized by the American Shorthorn Association.

Great weather in Denver this year no only made show day more enjoyable, but it also brought out many spectators and private treaty bull buyers. Brian House from Select Sires was one of these buyers brought out to the yards for the Shorthorn Pen Show.

“Shorthorns offer a great complement to other breeds of cattle with their maternal and carcass influence. However, heavy birth weights are still an issue in the breed. The bull we selected has the opportunity to sire below –average birth weights while contributing the good traits that the Shorthorn breed is known for,” comments Brian House on the breed after Select Sires purchase of a Shorthorn bull from a yards pen.

Sullivan Cattle Company of Dunlap, Iowa, exhibited both the Champion Pen of Three and Champion Pen of Five Purebred bulls. The March/April 2008 born pen of three had an average weight of 1,141 pounds, weight per day of age of 3.9 pounds, and scrotal circumference of 36.8 cm. The bulls were all sired by CF SOLUTION X. The January/February 2008 born pen of five had an average weight of 1,295 pounds, weight per day of age of 3.8 pounds, and a scrotal circumference of 40cm. Four of the five bulls were sired by CF SOLUTION X and the fifth was TM DAZZLER 54P.

The Reserve Pen of Three Purebred bulls were owned by Han-Du Farm, Watseka, Ill. The pen averaged 1,052 pounds, at a 3.4 pound per day of age, and a scrotal circumference of 33.7cm. WHRRT AUGUSTASUNRISE 2107 and HD BIG AND RICH 204 sired the March 2008 born pen.

The Reserve Pen of Five Purebred bulls were owned by Jungels Shorthorn Farm of Kathryn, North Dakota. The pen averaged 1,054 pounds, at a 3.3 pound of weight per day of age, and a scrotal circumference of 39.2cm. JAKE'S PROUD JAZZ 266L sired four of the group and LEVELDALE JAVELIN 535R sired one of the February/March 2008 born pen.

Stepping Stone Ranch of Edson, Kan., exhibited both the Champion and Reserve Pen of Three ShorthornPlus bulls. The April-June 2008 born pen of three had an average weight of 770 pounds, weight per day of age of 3.2 pounds and scrotal circumference of 34.2cm. The bulls were sired by SPRB BOTTOMLINE TARZAN 78 and SSRB LINE DRIVE 2006 1/2. The May 2008 born pen averaged 796 pounds, at a 3.2 pound of weight per day of age, and a scrotal circumference of 29.3cm. SPRB BOTTOMLINE TARZAN 78 and SSRB LINE DRIVE 2006 ˝ were the sires of this pen as well.

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The mission of the ASA is to contribute to the profitability and quality of life of its members and their customers by maintaining, protecting the vulnerability and enhancing the value of the herd book and performance database for Shorthorn cattle. The ASA is headquartered in Omaha, Neb., and was founded in 1872 with herd book records going back to 1822. As one of the oldest American breed associations, the ASA provides services for more than 6,000 junior and senior members who register nearly 18,000 cattle annually. The American Junior Shorthorn Association promotes personal development through youth activities and educational events. With more than 3,000 members, the AJSA is dedicated to the betterment of its members, promotes valuable skills, and fosters friendships that will last a lifetime. To learn more, contact the ASA office or visit


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