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Hereford, Texas – Gold Standard Labs, the leading private diagnostic laboratory for testing cattle to detect those persistently infected (PI) with Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) virus, this week opened its sixth facility – this one located in Alma, Nebraska. The other five labs are located in Hereford, Shiner and Schwertner, Texas; Garden City, Kansas; and Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“Our decision to establish a lab in Nebraska is a response to the needs of feed lot owners and cow/calf operators in that area of the Central Plains,” explains Chris McClure, manager of Gold Standard Labs. “The South Central Nebraska region is home to many cattle operations. The Alma lab is within easy reach of both feedlots and cow/calf operations in Nebraska, as well as northern Kansas.”

The new lab is located next to the sale barn in Alma. Samples may also be shipped to its address at 70924 US Highway 183, Alma, NE 68920. For additional information, lab personnel can be reached at or by calling (308) 928-2411.

The new lab can test cattle of all ages, says McClure. “By testing to detect PI individuals, our labs help identify those animals, in order to isolate them – thus safeguarding the health of the rest of the herd and increasing profits.”

Founded in 2005 in Hereford, Texas, Gold Standard Labs has earned a reputation throughout the cattle industry for its accurate test results, timely reporting and excellent customer service. The home laboratory is located at 205 W. Fourth Street, Suite 103, Hereford, Texas. Additional information can be found at or by calling (806) 363-1700.


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