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Kingsville, Texas
Santa Gertrudis Breeders International announces the delivery dates for National Santa Gertrudis Steer Feedout # 12. Purebred and percentage Santa Gertrudis steers born in the Fall of 2008 should be delivered to King Ranch Feedyard, Kingsville, Texas, during the week of June 22-26, 2009.

The National Steer Feedout was initiated in the Fall of 2003 as part of an ongoing breed improvement goal to recognize and identify superior feedlot performance and carcass merit within the Santa Gertrudis breed. To date, over 1000 steers representing 125 sires have entered the program. Breeders have gained invaluable insight into the actual commercial value of their cattle and the changes needed to improve that value. In turn, they are able to offer a better product to their commercial bull buyers backed up by actual feedlot and carcass data.

In addition to its value to individual breeders, the National Steer Feedout program has contributed to the breed's genetic evaluation efforts and development of its first carcass EPDs being published in 2005. Actual carcass data is combined with ultrasound data to produce carcass EPDs for Hot Carcass Weight, Rib-Eye Area, Marbling and Back Fat. Eventually, this data will be combined with DNA test results to produce even more accurate carcass EPDs.

Participation in the feedout program is restricted to steers with at least one registered Santa Gertrudis parent. Top performing sire groups are recognized at the breed's annual membership meeting each spring. For further information on the National Santa Gertrudis Steer Feedout, contact SGBI at 361-592-9357; or contact Performance Committee Chairman, Robert Silva at 918-470-5371.


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