Communicating and looking after the customers' interests—those are two of the main objectives at Dumas (Texas) Feedyard LLC, says partner George Foote Jr. With a customer base ranging from New Mexico to Texas, southern Oklahoma and Alabama, attentive service is the key.

“It's always important to serve the customers well and keep their best interests in mind, but especially during these tough economic times,” Foote says. “We want to get more premiums and offer our customers something that others can't.”

Managing partners Foote and Doug Lantz believe in working hard to be better than the guy down the road in feeding and marketing cattle. Recently, they decided to add to their strong resume by licensing with Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB). That gives their customers access to detailed carcass data and a wealth of other information and tools from CAB.

The Feedlot Licensing Program helps increase the number of high-quality, Angus-influence cattle that hit the brand's target. CAB feedlot partners enroll and sell cattle to licensed packers, which pay premiums for cattle that meet CAB specifications.

“One of our goals is to feed more Angus-influence cattle, along with utilizing information from Certified Angus Beef,” Foote says. “We're also continuing updates with our mill, because without a good feeding program, you can't get the job done right.”

He, Lantz and other experienced feedlot partners purchased the 22,000-head-capacity feedlot in July 2004, and have been remodeling and updating since then. The managing partners are no strangers to the cattle industry. As members of U.S. Premium Beef, they understand the importance of managing and marketing cattle to their fullest potential.

Proactive communication with customers helps get that done, and the management staff stops at nothing. “We are all things to all people,” Foote says.

Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) is the world's leading beef brand, and its licensed packers have paid producers nearly $300 million in grid premiums in the last 15 years, for cattle that meet brand specifications. For more information on CAB products, visit or go to for information on producers and feedlots.


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