Proper genetic, age and source verification is imperative for Red Angus cattle enrolled in the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) to continue through the marketing channels. The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) recently developed a new tool streamlining access to this documentation.

The FCCP Certificates of Compliance (COC) are now available online in a user-friendly, online-accessible format for ranchers, livestock markets, feed yards and packing outlets who can search and print the COC certificate from the RAAA website,

“Feedyard operators know cattle don't always arrive between the hours of 8 to 5 during a work week, and access to this paperwork could take days if the truck arrives over the weekend,” said Myron Edelman, RAAA director of added-value programs. “Using this online tool helps simplify and expedite access to documentation feeders and packers need to qualify for valuable age- and source-verification premiums.”

The certificate guarantees genetics, group age and source on a specific set of cattle and is the official documentation for cattle enrolled in Red Angus' yellow-tagged FCCP – the beef industry's most experienced genetic, age and source program. FCCP is USDA-approved and offers value-based marketing options including free feeder and fed cattle marketing services through the Association.

Here's how it works:

Once a producer returns the FCCP Enrollment Agreement, RAAA marketing personnel create the COC and make it accessible to the general public through the online search.

FCCP cattle must be tagged with the official Red Angus yellow tag at the ranch-of-origin prior to leaving the operation and the COC documentation should accompany cattle through the marketing stream all the way to the packer outlet. Previously, if a feeder didn't receive a copy of the COC with the cattle, he had to contact the RAAA office for the proper documentation.

Producers, feeders and packers can now easily access COC on the RAAA website. The Age and Source Verification (ASV) search tab is located on the homepage and an interested person can search by the FCCP tag number, certificate number, state of origin or producer's name.

The search returns all certificates that match the criteria and the individual can print the correct COC or e-mail it to the necessary personnel in the marketing chain.

The information on the online-accessible COC is the same data that is on the original certificate issued by RAAA that satisfies ASV requirements. Age- and source-verified programs require specific information to qualify for ASV premiums – specific producer data for individual groups of cattle, range of tag numbers for those cattle, group age and twenty- and thirty-month harvest dates.

If an individual is unable to find the COC for a group of calves, or has questions regarding the ASV online search program or FCCP program, he or she should contact RAAA's marketing staff at (940) 387-3502.


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