Kansas City, Mo. -- The Spring 2010 Hereford Sire Summary is now available in print and online at Hereford.org. The new summary includes detailed listings on 2,214 sires to help producers make informed buying, breeding and other management decisions.

The summary includes 938 proven sires, 796 young sires and 181 reference sires from the National Reference Sire Program. The balance of the sires can be found in the carcass section, which is a list of the 783 highest accuracy bulls for carcass traits.

This is the first sire summary to be released including data from the Pan-American Cattle Evaluation (PACE), which includes the U.S., Canada, Argentina and Uruguay.

Sire entries include, not only expected progeny differences (EPDs), but also $Profit Indexes for cattlemen who prefer to look at one number rather than many to identify the most profitable genetics for their production scenario. The four indexes are Baldy Maternal Index (BMI$), Brahman Influence Index (BII$), Certified Hereford Beef Index (CHB$) and Calving EZ Index (CEZ$).

In the summary preface are explanations of these indexes and a wealth of other knowledge to help users understand the listed sire information.

To request a sire summary, contact AHA staff at 816-842-3757. You can also download the electronic version at Hereford. org, under the “Records/TPR” tab and then select “Sire Summary.”

Herefords are proving themselves the efficiency experts through research, and Hereford and Hereford-influenced calves are gaining demand through the Certified Hereford Beef and Hereford Verified programs. To learn more about these topics visit Hereford.org, or call the Association at 816-842-3757.

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