Junior Red Angus Association of America (JRA) members from 14 states and Canada attended the “Blazing the Red Angus Trail Through Oregon” Junior Round-Up earlier this summer. This year marked the 18th Annual Round-Up, an event designed to build public speaking and leadership skills, breed and industry knowledge and camaraderie with other Red Angus juniors across the nation.

Juniors and chaperones attended the six-day event that began in Portland, Ore., and traveled across the state touring ranches, a feedlot, Oregon State University School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Department dairy facility, lumber sawmill, state parks, safari wildlife refuge and scenic sites. The Red Angus juniors also competed in national contests and participated in their annual business and committee meetings and officer elections.

“The JRA Round-Up is such a great time for Red Angus juniors to get to know each other and learn more about our breed and industry,” said Dawn Bernhard, Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) junior programs coordinator. “The hospitality of the Red Angus breeders and host ranches was outstanding and we couldn't have the Round-Up without their support.”

Host ranches welcomed the junior entourage to view their cattle, learn more about Red Angus and the beef cattle industry, and to have fun:

• Beef Northwest Feedyard (BNW) assistant manager Pete Szasz of Boardman, Ore., detailed the feedlot facility, discussed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and regulations, outlined alternative feed sources and by-products, and discussed their Red Angus beef alliance with Lorenzen Red Angus. Szasz also explained BNW's Country Natural Beef product and pasture-raised, natural beef program.

• At Lorenzen Red Angus, Larry and Sam Lorenzen visited with the group about their ranch, genetics and the industry. They toured the feedlot and bull development facilities and herd bulls. Lorenzens also facilitated the equipment identification and ranch rodeo contests, and sponsored a steak supper in conjunction with Painted Rock Natural Beef.

• Ronda Avery and son Riley of the 6R Ranch near Powell Butte, Ore., welcomed the group to view their cowherd and irrigation systems.

• The JRA Round-Up's next stop was at the Double Eagle Ranch owned by Doug Baker. There, they viewed cow-calf pairs, mature herd bulls and yearling replacement heifers.

• Owing Cattle Co. presented their cow-calf pairs for display to the group and set up a class of yearling bulls for the juniors to judge.

• The group participated in more judging at their stop back at the 6R Ranch headquarters where they placed a class of heifers, had a weight-guessing contest, supper and quiz bowl.

• Lookingglass Red Angus welcomed the Round-Up group to their ranch for a wildlife safari, then ventured to the ranch headquarters for a pizza party, team sales contest and Stockman's Quiz.

• The group enjoyed a meal and tour of cow-calf pairs at Mitchell Red Angus as well as educational presentation on the grass seed industry.

The tour also stopped to visit area attractions and have fun.

• Scenic stop at Multnoman Falls, along the Columbia River

• Crater Lake National Park

• Tour of the Roseburg Lumber Co. sawmill and information on the lumber industry in Oregon

• Fun time at the Sunset Bay Beach State Park at Coos Bay on the west coast

• Educational opportunities at the Oregon State School of Veterinary Medicine and the Oregon State Animal Science Department Dairy Facility including facility tours and presentation on Ethics in Livestock Production.

Throughout the tour, juniors competed in contests, including Stockman's Quiz and Equipment Identification, Team Sales, Print Advertising, Beef Quiz Bowl, Ranch Rodeo and Cattle Evaluation.

For information about JRA programs, visit the website at or contact Dawn Bernhard, junior programs coordinator,


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