by: Linda Ireland
Landmark News Service

Cattlemen in the southern half of the United States have a new outlet to buy and sell bovines. Lanny and Linda Vincent, who raise Limousin cattle on their 90-acre farm outside Buffalo, Kentucky have developed a virtual stockyard at www.midsouthcattle. com. The website, which was recently developed, offers an economical way to bring buyers and sellers together, Lanny Vincent said.

“To my knowledge, our website is the only one like it in the southeast United States,” Vincent said. He referenced a similar website that caters to cattlemen in the western states.

He believes the Internet will continue to have a great impact on the cattle market, “just like it has affected everything else.”

He has been promoting the site by running ads and speaking to cattlemen's organizations.

There is no charge to list cattle for sale. The seller pays a fee to Midsouth only if the cattle are sold through the website.

Vincent said the fee is less expensive than the fees charged by stockyards. He doesn't have a lot of overhead, so he is able to keep costs down.

“If they don't sell their cattle – they don't owe anything,” Vincent said. Midsouth Cattle does not participate in the transaction, Vincent said, and relies on payment through the honor system. Buyers are able to browse the listings without signing in or paying a fee. The site is easy to navigate and has a “help” window with frequently asked questions. For more information, visit the website or call Vincent at 1-888-589-7178.

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