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This Book Store is brought to you by CATTLE TODAY in association with   We've carefully selected the best Baxter Black books just for you.  It's easy,  quick, and convenient to order.  You will love the low, low prices!   Just click on your choice below and read the book reviews. 

Baxter Black Books

  • Cactus Tracks & 
    Cowboy Philosophy
    Baxter Black
    A complete compilation of all the stories and poetry you've heard Baxter do on NPR, with the unforgettable flavor of Baxter's own brand of cowboy philosophy.  Over 250 pages of that bizarre humor that had you laughing out loud while driving to work. Some of you even complained to us about having to pull off the road to avoid a "laughter disaster". You'll also find poignant, more dramatic pieces that brought a smile to your face, or that far away look in your eyes.
  • Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky
    by Baxter Black
    America's favorite cowboy poet, NPR commentator, and "former large animal veterinarian" delights readers with a rip-roaring tale of today's Wild West, ruminating on such topics as the existence of second-rate guardian angels and the significance of the slow dance..
  • Loose Cow Party
    by Baxter Black
    Baxter is assisted by Bob Black (Illustrator), Don Gill (Illustrator), Charlie Marsh (Illustrator), Michael Drawdy (Photographer) .
  • Cow Attack
    by Baxter Black
    Enjoy a whole herd of new stories and poems corralled just for you in this
    soft cover
    book.  Informative, amazing, and amusing.
  • Coyote Cowboy Poetry
    by Baxter Black
      If you are one of the few people left in the world who do not have a copy of the biggest selling cowboy poetry book... You may want to consider correcting that oversight..
  • Croutons on a Cow Pie  
    by Baxter Black
      If yer in the corral and one of yer amigos gets bucked off, everybody rides over to see if he's alright. If he's alive you start tellin' the story right away! If he's dead, you wait a couple of days!
    Humor helps you dust yerself off and git back on again.


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