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JeffersLivestock.com is the oldest supplier of animal health and ranch supplies online. Vaccines, pour-ons, and all of your animal health needs.

Liquid nitrogen containes for the storage and transportation of bull semen at cryogenic temperatures. We have 9 models so you can select the size to fit your needs.

Our Artificial Insemination School and Reproductive Symposium DVD will teach you how to AI cattle at home so you can breed your cattle to the best bulls in the world! Learn at your pace in your free time.

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I have ordered roses several times with excellent results every time.  They FedEx Overnight the flowers direct from the grower, so they arrive days fresher than from the florist.  Make someone happy, send them flowers!

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Your online Pet Store! Jeffers is one of the largest privately owned catalog and eCommerce animal health supply retailers.

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