1976 IH 1066 tractor

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Re: 1976 IH 1066 tractor

Postby Stocker Steve » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:09 pm

quote="Son of Butch"]I assume the Super Moon caught hold of the bidders and Nesi vs Aaron bidding war must have ensued. Both like [color=#FF0000]RED[/quote]


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Re: 1976 IH 1066 tractor

Postby WinterSpringsFarm » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:38 am

Son of Butch wrote:
Son of Butch wrote:I saw Machinery Pete reported a 1976 IH 1066 with 2972 hours sold at auction last week in Ohio to a Canadian buyer.
$27,000 nice tractor with front end weights and no cab

IH1066 list price $21,100 in 1976
2wd 6-cylinder 6.8L turbocharged diesel engine 106hp 126 pto hp
built in Rock Island, Illinois

1976 Massey Ferguson 1135 excellent condition with 3511 hours and cab sold for $9,000 last week in Illinois.

MF 1135 list price $31,000 in 1978
2wd 6-cylinder 5.8L turbocharged diesel engine 102 hp 121 pto hp

Hmmm... spend $27,000 on 3 MF1135s each with a cab or buy 1 open station IH1066 - all 4 excellent condition
A no brainer or what?

It'll take all 3 of them 1135s to do the same work the 1066 will do! LOL. I run both tractors and both are good, but the 1066 is a working SOB and the 414 is second to none.

As for the price, that's pretty salty but a lot of people will pay a premium for a true Black Stripe 66 series. Not sure I'd pay that much though.
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