Replacement Tractor Seats?

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Re: Replacement Tractor Seats?

Post by Texasmark » Fri May 18, 2018 5:02 pm

Don't know. Comes in a black box with gold writing and some far out logo painted on the side. On the end (as I recall) are 3 letters, like the initials of the company.. T and Z are 2 of them as I recall. It's the only "universal" tractor seat that TSC sells with the twin spring + shock absorber with a high travel distance, like 5+ inches, 2 inch thick foam seat with place for water to run off, variable tensioner, and two slots for mounting to Ford studs and the back tilt angle is adjustable. It's not the fold down back universal seat shown, nor the universal compact seat with just a straight protrusions that you can turn around half way and rest your arm on. The blue book shows the brand Concentric but my store stocked a different brand....looks including the design stamped in the vinly cover are identical however.

TSC probably put out a spec and had different companies bid on it. They probably took the low bidder, or it may be a different supplier for different areas.

My blue book shows blue as TSC p/n 1238169. It show

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