Napa filters getting pin holes

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Re: Napa filters getting pin holes

Post by devin12 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:35 am

Hello guys,

I m suggest me step to step instructions to manage that stuck oil filers.

It very well may be a dampening background. You have depleted the oil and the oil channel is holding tight like a bloodsucker. It won't fall off. The most ideal approach to settle this isn't to have it occur in any case. You can make sure to put oil on the gasket and hand fix the turn-on channel sufficiently only to seal it. It may be best to utilize silicone oil rather than oil on the gasket, however, now that doesn't make a difference in light of the fact that the dam thing is trapped.

One strategy is to drive a vast screwdriver through the side of the channel and lever it around. This will work, however, it leaves a tremendous wreckage and regularly absolutely pulverizes the channel leaving just the base joined. At that point, you stick the fasten driver the little gaps around the strung focus gap and with a mallet drive off the base of the channel.

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Re: Napa filters getting pin holes

Post by Texasmark » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:13 am

jltrent wrote:
millstreaminn wrote:Got a Ford F250 that I use to plow snow at the hotel. Last year while plowing the oil filter got a hole in it and dumped all the engine oil out. The idiot light came on so I stopped plowing. When I looked under the truck it was covered with oil so I had it towed to a garage. The garage said the filter had a hole in it so they put a new filter on and filled the oil.

Fast forward to last Sunday, the new Napa oil filter (less than 6 months old) got a pin hole in it and was spraying oil on the exhaust. Good thing I was close to home and was able to drive it back. I'm going to replace it with a non Napa filter this time. I run all Napa filters in my tractors and never had a problem like this with them.

You can get Motor-craft at Walmart which is OEM for Ford as they are not real expensive there. I recon they still carry them as it has been probably a years since I bought one there.

Motorcraft FL-1A fits a lot of Fords, trucks and tractors and yess WW carries them at a good price. I've been using them for 35 or so years on my Fords.

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