How to tell when times up for your bull?

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Re: How to tell when times up for your bull?

Postby skyhightree1 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:19 am

True Grit Farms wrote:
skyhightree1 wrote:
True Grit Farms wrote:If you own the land you can make a little money in the cattle business. Some folks do alright on lease land, I just can't make it pencil out. Is $40 dollars a hour a fair rate to figure when using your equipment on someone else's leased property?

I own and lease land and it does ok but doesn't equal out to the work and costs of things like fertilizer and lime used and such. On someone elses leased land like baling for them or mowing hay? something like that?

Sky, I figured my inputs plus $40 dollars per hour for my equipment on the land I leased, I included my time and fuel into the $40. I just couldn't make it pencil out for me. I like to stay busy but I'm not working on someone else's land for nothing.

Oh I misunderstood what you were asking. Heck in general on any land leased or owned that fertilizer and lime takes a big whack out of the bottom line. Unfortunately, for some of us leasing is a necessary evil.
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