Strong Yearling Sales

Discuss upcoming sales and sale results.
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Re: Strong Yearling Sales

Post by farmerjan » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:46 pm

Good for the ones selling at your area bred heifer sales. Maybe there are others that think these prices on the calves will start to uptick in 12-24 months. I think so, unless we have some real disaster strike.
Here's the prices from last Friday on our calves. Steers --- 2 blks wt., 1175 (588ea) 1.50. ; 1 blk 515 wt 1.56. ; red 635 wt. 1.36. : red 665 wt. 1.42 (he was a little thicker) ; 1 blk 475 wt., 1.66 ; 1 blk 550 wt., !.55;.
Heifers ---3 blk 1365 wt, (455) 1.28 ; 1 blk 410 wt., 1.28 2 blk wt 370 and 385 1.10. These are the 2 that were weaned and wouldn't come in to eat and lost at least 25 -40 lbs. each. 1 blk 605 wt., 1.13. Prices weren't super but were okay. They at least seem to be holding steady.
You can see that the red steers run about $.15 less a pound and that is all the time, not limited to how good they are just because they were red. A neighbor has reg limi's and when they sell some red steers, they are REAL NICE, usually in the 6 wts and they still will bring .10 to .20 less than blacks of comparable quality. Herefords so worse.

The vet checked the two cows along with 11 of ours. They were 3 1/2 months, so will fit with the spring calving group. They are older, short mouths, but again, I have $975 in 2 bred cows. They also will gain some weight. We have hay and still have alot of grass that they can eat and I think these cows were on short grass as they were all more thin than fat. Our own cows were 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months which is good, except for one that is open (or maybe very short) because the bull only went in 6/16 so only 3 1/2 months ago; he will come out this weekend and the one will go to another place with another bull as he won't come out until they get moved in late Nov.. We are going to move these, they calved in Jan this past year and we are taking the calves off that are left, and putting them out to grass for the winter. They are all in very good condition. Normally I would say that the open one would go, but since the cull price is so bad, she will get a little extra time and we'll see. If open later, maybe the cull price will be back up some.

Bangs vaccinated 11 heifers and dehorned 4 of my dairy crosses. It is cheaper to buy a dairy animal than to raise them, but these were on my nurse cows and so they will stay for now.

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Re: Strong Yearling Sales

Post by Stocker Steve » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:18 pm

Western states with bison issues really value Bangs vaccination, but it is rare here. How does it play in the east?
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