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Re: Today is the big day

Postby Boot Jack Bulls » Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:44 pm

Bright Raven wrote:
Boot Jack Bulls wrote:Nice calf and the young woman obviously worked hard on it! I like the steer a ton, from behind the shoulders back. His front end is pretty coarse and his right front has knee issue. He would have placed at about the same spot in most county fairs up here too. Better than the vast majority, but if a barn burner shows up, he will get second. Congrats to the young lady on a job well done!

I am a novice at this sort of game! However, that is exactly what I saw that generated my comment.

You are catching on Raven! I also think he is a touch small footed for his bone/frame, and that combined with heavy feeding typical of show steers probably did not help his knees to stay clean and smooth. BTW, you can tell he is clubby bred just by those ears! There is something in the set, shape and shag that is only found in clubbies.
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