Showing off with halter

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Showing off with halter

Postby Chris H » Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:03 pm

We sold 4 steer calves out of a group of 7. We sorted & penned the 4 in a small pen. I needed all their ear tag #'s. I couldn't read one so I grabbed a show stick & halter. I had the halter on the calf in less than 5 minutes and walked up to his head without a fight. These calves hadn't been handled by me other than moving their mommas & them to new pastures, and when they were vaxed & weaned.

It really sold this guy on how easy the Herfs are to work, but really I think it's mainly the technique shown on some clips posted on this board. For those people getting ready to halter break next years project, look up those videos!
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