4h steer

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Re: 4h steer

Postby hillsdown » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:18 pm

3waycross wrote:
hillsdown wrote:[quote="Nesikep"
Did they behave well for their clipping?

Nesi, I need to switch breeds, mine are far too laid back. A little excitement once and a while would be nice.. :banana:

Bring a trailer down here. I have several of the same breed that are plenty crazy...BTW that 473 is a beauty.[/quote]

Thanks 3way!!

You need to meet our new heifer Ali, if she thinks you have something she wants she will run you down. :shock: Was a little scary the first time but I am a no nonsense kinda gal and we got the who is the boss thing straightened out right away. :nod: :cowboy:
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Re: 4h steer

Postby Nesikep » Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:34 am

3way.. .Exchange the Angus influence with Salers.. you will get it.. and you won't need to fix fences anymore, Salers can just jump clear over it. That said, not all Saler calves turn out freak shows.. if momma is docile they can great... My tamest most people loving family is actually the one that has the most Saler in it.. They tend to be 1 person cows though.
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