Hay Feed Test Results ?

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Re: Hay Feed Test Results ?

Postby TexasBred » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:09 pm

Stocker Steve wrote:
angus9259 wrote:I have some first cut that is stemmy and probably would test just "ok". But it's cheaper to feed that plus some corn and the cattle actually seem to think they're getting a deal (because they get the corn) then if they were getting some softer hay - just more work for me :). Unless it gets really ripe, it seems to me there is always some nutritive value they can derive but, yes, supplementing may be necessary.

Every fall, there are a couple articles published that compare the cost of hay nutrients to shell corn nutrients.
Corn can cost less than hay, :nod: but the feeding labor and equipment are seldom discussed.
BTOs often put together a low cost TRM ration, but how do you effectively handle supplement like shell corn w/o a TMR?

Don't necessarily have to have a TMR but definitely need a mixer wagon to feed commodities whether corn, grain by-products or plant protein.
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Re: Hay Feed Test Results ?

Postby Texasmark » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:11 am

TexasBred wrote:
Texasmark wrote:Very enlightening. Thanks guys for the topic and discussion.

On the cornstalks, we have done and do, baled milo stalks for the same reason....I may have mentioned this before.....if so, sorry for the dupl.

Milo stalks can be excellent roughage. Have tested them as high as 13% crude protein. Corn stalks are usually little more than filler. A little protein but probably burn more calories eating and digesting it than they get from it.

"Milo stalks can be excellent roughage. Have tested them as high as 13% crude protein." Outstanding piece of info. We always figured that the stalks were just flax and the NPK went to the grain heads. We don't have access to any testing facilities around here and most of us are STOs and don't have the volume to warrant the price of self testing equipment. Same with sales. By the bale, any size, any product, who knows the CP and TDN and all, weight is a crap shoot...no tonnage sales around her; no scales and a PIA to do it if we did as each bale is different...crop, consistency, moisture....you know the story.

As I posted somewhere, currently peas and rye are sprouting. When the rye comes off next spring I'm going back with milo at 50#/ac, 7" drilled dense and see how that turns out for a leafy hay crop. Going to go for short, dense type volume. Lots of leafs, short stalks and crimp them. Reason is the friend's milo patch that he let me onto which he baled the crop, stalks and all, has come back for the third time with no rain (1.5" in 3 months of heat...Ha!). Looks like we are getting into a pattern of wet springs and dry (as usual) summers and now dry falls too. Always something changing. Guess that's part of what keeps it interesting.
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