Unrolling Hay on Wet Ground

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kenny thomas
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Re: Unrolling Hay on Wet Ground

Postby kenny thomas » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:43 pm

Bright Raven wrote:
bigbluegrass wrote:Can you set your bales in the fall and then unroll them by hand (push them down the hill)?

Your mileage may vary.

Kenny Thomas provided the same recommendation. I assume you unroll by hand. I would be concerned that I would lose control and they would roll all the way to the creek. Plus, I notice the hay layers do not come loose easily. So the ones that roll down slope may not leave a layer of hay on their course.

If the hay is rolled dry and not molded it will unroll fine if started the correct way. I set out hay Friday night and just turn the cows into a different pasture each night and push the roll to get it started unrolling. Not even a track from a tractor in my field.
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Re: Unrolling Hay on Wet Ground

Postby JW IN VA » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:10 pm

I unroll almost all of mine.And yes, they do tramp some in and yes, it does cut the ground.I can't go back to square bales as there would be too many and I don't have anyone but me most days.
I try to pick the driest spots and do the best I can.It's not perfect but it works.
I have fed in rings but my driest ground has too many rocks to make clean up possible.I sometimes miss the old days when we made silage.You could back up to a trough and unload.It might be sloppy but they got it all and it was clean.
We did,however, have some scouring calves every year which probably was caused by cows wading in to get fed when it was real wet.Haven't had very many for years.
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