Hay CP with Peas added

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Hay CP with Peas added

Postby Texasmark » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:45 am

Any of you know the N kick a hay patch gets with Austrian Winter Field Peas? I realize variables are unlimited, but personal experience? I planted "Jumbo Rye" which is just what it says it is with Peas last fall. Had a month or so of hard winter like most folks (had at least that much) and around 1 Feb weather started to act normal, normal precip./temps, and today they are up around 24" with the rye acting like "bean poles" if you will to run the pea vines up and not lying on the ground.

What I am wondering is how close to Clover (for a legume) are peas in a hay mix, and do they pretty much bring up the CP like clover. Looks like I'm going to get 70 P-30 R ratio and was curious. May find a place to have it tested....any sites for that? Just wondering what folks might expect that feed it. It's been adequate fertilized and the nodules are on the roots. Thanks.
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