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Re: Chicken Litter

Postby Texasmark » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:42 am

Ebenezer wrote:
Texasmark wrote:While we are on the subject, anybody worry about salmonella handling chickens, eggs, cleaning out pens, putting out poop, especially if it's broadcast dry with wood shavings with the wind blowing and you are running an open station? Never heard of it with them, never looked it up either, but it shows up on www nowadays like it's something "else" to keep you distracted from current events. Kids raised chickens for FFA projects in school....nobody ever got sick...course didn't put on fields at the time but did everything else.

Comments appreciated.

Stack it and let it go through a heat and a lot of the bad stuff is gone due to temperatures. Same for feeding to cows but stack and tarp or stack in a shed and let it work longer. After going through a stacked heat it is supposed to smell more like chocolate. But my brother said he never found a snickers bar in helping me! Cattle do well on a blend with cracked corn. Some health regulations probably prevent feeding it now in particular staes. But they did recommend a 180 period and then stop. We had some milk fever when we fed it due to calcium imbalance but it got us through a drought.

Thanks for the tip. I was thinking about how I was going to broadcast the stuff and figure my JD Model N "Poop Slinger" ought to do the job. With that being long and slinging to the rear, if I work the wind right, I don't see me having to worry about getting it all over me....will wear a mask. It's about 50-50 wood shavings which should help the humus (I guess) the clay to percolate. Will work in with a rototiller.
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