Gotta love these early Christmas gifts..HELP!!!

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Gotta love these early Christmas gifts..HELP!!!

Post by cathys » Wed Nov 14, 2007 12:50 pm

Neighbors decided to give me a gift for Christmas, a 5 month old filly, purebread Arab out of the Arab I sold them.
This colt can not get up by herself, her back feet just above the hoof is bent back and stiff at the joint on both feet, I tried to move it back and forth to loosen it but she wants to get up so bad she kicks out and almost knocks me over every time, I am going to do this again tonight when I have more help, I will also have the boys help get her up, she was up last night with help and walking around fine but when she lays down she can not get back up by herself. she is nothing but a rack of bones, I am so mad at these people for letting her get like this, someone reported them to the sheriff for having a dead horse in the pasture and he came out and they told him the horse was 18 yrs old that is why she died. and he left it at that. Sooo...
Does anyone know how I can keep this little girl from laying down or if I should try to??? I will use a horse linemint on her legs several times a day if that will help. Is there something anyone can recommend??? I am making sure she has hay and water close, holding the bucket for her to drink etc. She does not know what grain is, and the vet said I should not give her milk because she may get the sh*ts from it, (mother must have run out of milk) I am just sick at the sight of her, I have a call into the vet and am waiting for a reply. Will be back here later tonight to check for responses.

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Post by peg4x4 » Thu Nov 15, 2007 11:36 am

Uhmmm--Did you know these people treated their horses like that when you sold them the mare?? I hope not..
Do you have a Vet School nearby?? They might be interested in whatever the filly has wrong with her...
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