When to use winter coat thanks.

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When to use winter coat thanks.

Postby Falcon254 » Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:02 am

In 75 we had horses in Mississippi. We brought one gelding home with us. The winter of 77 killed him. He had shelter and plenty of feed and lots of love but I guess the ice was too much for him. He died a few days before the weather broke. I had to knock the ice of his feet everyday. He had plenty of food and shelter. The vet didn't have any ideas either. So I held his head in my lap in his last hours untill he passed. I'm a grizzled old Viet Nam vet and not much bothers me but it broke my heart when that old $100.00 horse died. He was a true friend. We haven't had horses again till last December. We bought these at an auction. Something to get our grandkids into and away from the video games. I don't want a repeat of my previous experience. I got tarps on the shed frame and put hay in it yesterday. I haven't been out yet to feed and check on them. Every one that has seen our horses has commented on how healthy they are. There aren't any other any other animals within a mile or so of us. We have 5 cows too. We raise them pretty much naturally. We are starting a new herd after selling most of them last year. We let the horses roam free during the day. They stay around the house and eat all the grass. We enjoy having them running loose. I thank all of you for the advice. I feel better now.
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