Durable yet affordable winter work gloves

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Durable yet affordable winter work gloves

Post by greggy » Thu May 21, 2020 5:03 am

Hi All,

I meant to ask this last year :)

Down under we are just coming up for winter, it is not near freezing yet, but I just spent 15 mins getting the feeling back in my fingers, it is about 5c outside, but feels like zero and it wet and dark.....

Anyways, I find I wear a pair of leather gloves out every 2 weeks or so, I stopped buying the 20 to 30 dollar pairs as it is too expensive, so I buy the really cheap nasty 2 dollar gloves, they have cotton at cuff but are mainly a poor fitting leather, but they last the same as the much more expensive options. A pretty tough leather.

The above cheap ones are used most, when on tractor, changing implements, working wire, feed, shoveling, loading and unloading truck..etc, I use another glove for sorting feeds and wet items like fruit and veg, they are basically a thick flexible rubber with cotton, good for keeping hands dry and also able to do fine things similar to when no glove, they are also ok in colder weather for feed sorting and very light work, if you accidentally wet the end where it is cotton, it is all over as it wicks inside and soon hands are cold.

The other leather glove, well, similar, when cold and moisture or rain, it soaks up the water and not long after everything will start to get cold and numb, and also slippery.

So, what do you have or use that is affordable & durable that stops your hands from getting wet and freezing up ? The outside must be fairly rugged, or maybe they can be used with the cheap leather ones on top ?

I cannot imagine those in higher ares of US or Canada etc being able to do what I do, with the temps in some places, you would lose fingers, or, do you just accept changing them often and warming hands as reqd...not very productive to stop all the time.

Maybe I need to look for a certain thin type of glove I can get locally or at reasonable price from OS that can be used under the other gloves....

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Re: Durable yet affordable winter work gloves

Post by Nesikep » Thu May 21, 2020 11:48 am

If it's not too cold, I find these work nice, waterproof, and the cuff makes it so you don't fill the fingers with hay.. if you have to be out a long time at under -10C you will still probably get cold
http://www.watsongloves.com/products/93 ... -cold-war/
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