Medical Power of Attorney or ?

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Re: Medical Power of Attorney or ?

Postby D2Cat » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:06 am

TCRanch wrote:My husband just had surgery yesterday. Last Friday the hospital called and asked if he was an organ donor and to bring a copy of the Medical Directive in the Trust. Gotta say, didn't give either of us a warm, fuzzy feeling the entire weekend. I'm his POA and fortunately surgery went well but had complications arose I still wouldn't have made any major decisions without first consulting with his kids. Make darn sure you're up to it!

TC, when you're there in the battle it's much different then a discussion on a forum! Your priorities get changed and life has a new meaning. You discover you can't control everything, feel vulnerable, even weak.

Thank God it went well. I'm sure you're both breathing easier this week! Remember, stay out of the fence rows! :lol:
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Re: Medical Power of Attorney or ?

Postby boondocks » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:23 pm

Personally, I would urge everyone to have the proper health care documents for your state. (If you can't find them, look at your state bar association website, or state medical association website, or state government website, or local hospice/palliative care website). It forces those difficult conversations and makes us think about what we'd actually want done in the event of X, Y, or Z. Then we can convey our wishes to our loved ones, and medical providers. This decreases intrafamily tension during crises, and gives the patient some assurance that their wishes will be followed--I think this is important since so much may be beyond the person's control, it is good to still have some autonomy.
Once you have all the documents prepared, plaster them everywhere, staple it to your forehead, go over them with family and drs., etc.
Also, lots of people decline to fill them out because they "don't want people to give up on them and "pull the plug" too soon." One thing to keep in mind is that the documents allow you not only to refuse treatment, but to specify that you DO want all lifesaving measures taken. Thought I'd mention that since I think people think of them as just "DNR forms" but it's much broader than that.
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