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Manure to Bio Fuel Research

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:51 pm
by Manure Fuel
Hi -
I am new here and hoping to ask some questions regarding manure management. I work for a research manufacturing company, we are doing R&D on manure to turn it into a crude bio fuel. Future stages anticipate that the feedlot/farm would be the location of the processing plant, so the feedlot would collect any profits from the sale of the crude fuel.
Some of the basic questions to help justify our research proposals: Do you ever find that there is more manure than reasonable to use as fertilizer and need to incinerate or truck the waste off site to avoid run off?
What are the costs associated with managing the manure, and, if any, what are your profits to sell it as a fertilizer?
Do you currently use a digester?
Thank you in advance for any responses!

Re: Manure to Bio Fuel Research

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:33 pm
by Ebenezer
Plenty of work in past dairy mags, some with hogs, ... A good idea, some have been successful but for how long? Don't know. Tarped lagoons, pass thru chambers, digesters, ... I have an idea that most folks here do not have feedlots 24/7, 365 because that is often needed to keep things on a even keel: constant manure supply. Some dairy folks in PA had a good system going 10 years ago, some government program highlighted them. What I remember was that the digester used a lot of the generated gas in the winter to maintain desired temps for proper gas production. They had gone to a metal building, ... And in Delaware or Maryland they were burning chicken litter in power plant furnaces.

Lot of up front, plenty of research and the US Government advisory/group/program over-estimated potential production and profit.

Most farmers are not going to have the time, the pockets, the specific skills and education to manage a micro digester, scrubber and collector. Not an anti-farmer comment. Same could be said for 99% of population.

Re: Manure to Bio Fuel Research

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:43 pm
by Manure Fuel
Thank you Ebenezer -
What we are proposing is a competitor to a digester; the technical skills and recipe formulation would not be necessary at all. But yes, the process would require a larger scale, steady supply - so this board very well might be the wrong place to be asking. I will do some research on the PA/Delaware/Maryland references, thanks again for your response!