Curtiss Candy Update

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Curtiss Candy Update

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My name is Jim Kuhtz Jr who my father many of you may know is Jim Kuhtz Sr. He worked for Curtiss Candy way back in the late 40's to the mid 60"s. He started with Curtiss as a AI technician for their breeding service in the late 40's and in 1955 was promoted and relocated from WAUKESHA WISCONSIN to Modesto California as the first district manager for their Breeding Service in that state. In 1961 he was promoted again with Curtiss and sent back to Illinois at their General Headquarters. In 1964 he retired from Curtiss and moved back to California where he started his own company called DMS or Dairy Mating Service which was a new system for analyzing cattle for proper breeding. This system he invented is still in use and is used in almost of the states including Hawaii along with being taught at Fresno State University. His nephew Lee Kuhtz took over the business in 2001 when my dad passed away.
Because of my fathers contributions to the dairy industry throughout his whole life is there a way for his name to be added to the National Dairy Hall of Fame.

Jim Kuhtz
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Re: Curtiss Candy Update

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I would think that would be a question to ask the National Dairy Hall of Fame people.
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