Funny shaped potato.........

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Re: Funny shaped potato.........

Postby cowgirl8 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:26 pm

Craig Miller wrote:
cowgirl8 wrote:
Craig Miller wrote:
I'm curious about the pine straw too because I was considering covering my garden with it

Its the best weed control ever. And over time it just vanishes. For years we've considered baling it and selling by the truck loads to nurseries..

Tha5s what I wanted it for. Have you had any trouble with anything not growing under it

A lot of people think it changes the acidity, but it doesn't. Some think the needles have properties that keeps seeds from germinating, but it doesn't. Someone said, Then how come nothing grows under pines. I went out and took pictures of where some sun was getting through and all the stuff that sprouts under them. No sun gets through thick pines.....its no sun, not the needles altering the germination...
I planted some fall corn seeds and stacked about 6 inches of needles over it. The corn had no problem growing through that thick of mat. BUT, it does give doodle bugs shelter and they wiped out my whole crop. I was more worried about weeds and didn't think about the doodle bugs... That is the only drawback I've had using them, but its only a problem if its really wet. Next time i'll part the needles and once the weather dries off then pack the needles back on....In the fall I cover my whole garden in a thick mat and when its time to plant I just part the needles and plant. so so easy. I really hate weeding.
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Re: Funny shaped potato.........

Postby AnGlori » Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:35 pm

Nesikep wrote:Here's what it looks like to me

Haha!! That is so funny.
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