What happened to my sweet potatoes?

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Re: What happened to my sweet potatoes?

Post by skyhightree1 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:53 am

jltrent wrote:
Ebenezer wrote:Compaction is the problem. If you cannot till deep enough, set slips in deep enough to live and set roots. Then top the rows/beds with a decent bagged soil medium and the potatoes will grow in the loose medium as normal but for easier digging and for later benefit to your bed or garden. Or get out the TNT and do some modification to the natural soil. Do you have clay soil and use a rototiller? It will turn your soil into a massive brick because it beaks down all natural structure. Might be part of it.

I plowed the soil with a 16" mold board plow about as deep as it would go.

Here is a picture and the soil seemed loose. I also hilled up the row good with loose soil I put them in. They were planted right above the green beans. I think maybe compaction some and also the containers I bout them in at Walmart had them all twisted up to start with may have caused it.


My soil is sandy and loose as you can get probably get and mine do that if they were messed up in a container and twisted they seem to do that. If you get good quality slips they seem to not do that at all.

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Re: What happened to my sweet potatoes?

Post by Ebenezer » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:23 pm

We grow our own slips so I have no idea on the bought ones. Compaction has been a problem here one time and since it has not. Sandy clay loam and if worked too wet or tilled it will be like a brick for a year until freezing in the winter fixes it. A lot of tilling will turn it into a long term brick by removing structure that allows air and pore spaces in the profile.

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