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Re: Linebreeding Info

Postby Ebenezer » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:44 am

Quite frankly it is my experience that line breeding is a lot of talk but mostly luck.

If it works you look like a genius.

When it fails you get the truth.

Had to chuckle - have you ever noticed how many new and great bulls disappear out of an AI catalog and a breeder's bull pen each year or wonder what happened that your AI calves by the bull that did so well for the owner were merely average or worse for you? When you use line crosses, expansive modern AI efforts and new bulls of varied genetic differences you can say the exact same thing:

If it works you look like a genius.

When it fails you get the truth.

Linebreeding is not merely a topic of discussion. Linebreeding is a tool to speed to the last chapter to know how the story ends. But you need to have a purpose or not do it merely as a fad effort or to be a part of the minority. To minimize linebreeding is to completely erase the work of past breeders who were masters, to forget how breeds were formed and stabilized and to forget that not too many decades ago that folks and livestock were not as mobile in all herds and flocks and there were regional lines, line associations, ...

My estimate: expect 85% failure in tight linebred populations from start up. The remaining 15% will need to be expanded and selected phenotypically for line type. The purpose is still not stated but it is the key to setting a goal or starting the journey. You are seeking a stabilized population so that they will benefit you and others so that the last words of the last chapter are "and they lived happier and with known results ever after".
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Re: Linebreeding Info

Postby slick4591 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:12 pm

It's not a real tight breeding, but I have maternal grandson over his grandmother calf due in March. I'm kinda excited to see what I get.
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