Corn and calves...

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Re: Corn and calves...

Postby TexasBred » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:17 pm

skeeter swatter wrote:
Jeanne - Simme Valley wrote:
skeeter swatter wrote:Corn is not high in protein. It is high in carbs and starch which can and will increase calf weight, and can lead to more calving problems.

The corn did and will put on calf weight, but, if you read what was said, the increased weight generally does not increase calving difficulty (dystocia).

The OP asked about CORN and y'all went off about PROTEIN.
If you're saying a bigger fatter calf can't increase calving difficulty (dystocia) I say B.S.

Skeeter now that would depend on "HOW MUCH" corn was fed don't you reckon??? How much was digested and how much passed through. Fed heavily the amount of protein in corn can add up quickly.
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