Who's the sire?

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Re: Who's the sire?

Postby Backbone Ranch » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:34 pm

Texasmark wrote:Surely a keeper. On daddy, check the pedigree. You never know when a quirk will show up in an offspring. I do grade animals but have friends who do registered stock and an odd ball will pop up every now and then, like a Red Brangus calf show up in a Black Brangus registered herd.

Because MCC Trigger's Champion is an American-bred Murray Grey, he was the result of a grading up process. Very few purebreds were imported, so most breeders bought semen from Australia and Tasmania and bred these purebred bulls by AI to whatever cattle they had. Trigger's Champion is 1/16th Shorthorn, still considered a purebred by the association standards. However, since Murray Greys are known for calving ease, a lot of people were breeding them to Holsteins in the 1970s and 80s. The resulting calves were then sold to breeders that intended to grade up to a purebred status. We will occasionally have a throwback every once in a while.
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Re: Who's the sire?

Postby Jeanne - Simme Valley » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:00 pm

Just got onto this thread, I was going to say, if he's good looking, he's a Tony!!
I will still stick to that. He looked better as a younger calf. I am not so impressed with this current pic.
Because of his coloring at birth, I would have put my money on the AI bull.

and for those haven't followed some of our conversations, I LOVE BBR's cattle, I am not being insulting! I just really like her Tony offspring.
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Re: Who's the sire?

Postby waihou » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:00 pm

If I hadn't scrolled down to the bottom for the DNA result I would have said he was the son of Trigger! An interesting looking type, not your typical MG, but leggy and quite smooth.

We had the same last year with a calf born on 15th August, when his due date to AI was 6th August, but he could have been 8 days early to a natural mating.
We DNA'd through tail hairs as he was 42 kgs born(@92lbs) and the AI sire was supposedly a low b.w. bull, but being so late we decided it was unlikely at that weight that he was early, glad we did!
He is the son of Mount Major Kingswood (Au), and the only bull calf from that AI programme so will be using him this year over heifers.
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