Hiding a calf

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Re: Hiding a calf

Postby talltimber » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:32 am

I don't like going too long in the hot late summer without seeing newborns. Flystrike is a painful thing.

I had one get it, he stayed hid out in an area the cow couldn't get to him. We had been without rain during that time to wash him off. In hindsight, I think he didn't get cleaned real good maybe, started staying on the brushy side of a single hot wire, and flies got him. It don't take long, I had seen him two days before I found him covered in maggots on his back and his hind end and inside it. At the time I found him he was out with the cow. She got excited and spun around to me, defecating a circle like a large nasty yard sprinkler, spraying him in the process. So, you can imagine my excitement with an armload of all that and getting on a 4 wheeler with him. We got him cleaned up and doctored, but it was a long road and he still had bare spots/scarring when he was sold at around 800 lbs.
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