Should I buy Reg Angus bull? Here epd’s

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Re: Should I buy Reg Angus bull? Here epd’s

Postby Lrj505 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:54 am

Going to buy registered cows. Found a breeder near by. He sent me epds on some cows he has for sale. What you think here are the epds. I want to buy 5 to start they are heavy bred due in 2 months $2000 each and calf’s can be registered. Thanks

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Re: Should I buy Reg Angus bull? Here epd’s

Postby Texasmark » Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:58 am

elkwc wrote:
Texasmark wrote:You asked, here's my opinion:

At 7 months he's not ready to breed and he hasn't fully developed his
generic bloodline
and that (appearance) can be misleading at this age......somewhat. However even at that he is too muscular, too short lengthwise.....not enough loin (where the money in steaks is), legs long making it easier to reach tall cows when breeding but usually shorter, and not all that thick in the mid body, again where the money is in the steaks ( Rib Steak (eye), T bone, Strip Loin, Filet Mignon, Club, Top Sirloin) .

Remember the bull is half the herd and a good bull can deliver swell calves from a mediocre heifer/cow.

In today's marked $1k for a registered yearling is a super price even if he's not what I'd be looking for.

His bloodlines aren't what I might look for but I wouldn't consider them generic. Have looked at some nice bulls with very similar breeding. Why do you call his breeding generic?

Why do you say he is too muscular. If he is I'm afraid to say even those of ours I think needs more muscle are more muscular than he is. Not saying anything bad about him but guess it shows how 2 people can look at the same animal and see them totally different. Why the same animal don't win every show. We all see them a little differently.

My reference to "generic" (aka "gene"--eric) is "what" his genes will will produce in a mature animal, both within(for him) and in offspring. I've had good and bad sires. My last was my best and he looked the part at that age.
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Re: Should I buy Reg Angus bull? Here epd’s

Postby Ebenezer » Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:51 am

There are different maturity patterns in cattle and lines. There is a need to see parents and know the scoop on the breeder's view before salivating over or culling a young calf. First thing is to check out the dam and her type, pattern of production and her record. I prefer a slower maturing type as they do fine and have positives over quick maturing. I am not talking about sexually maturity but body development and when the cattle quit growing. EPDs will never address this type of need-to-know.
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Re: Should I buy Reg Angus bull? Here epd’s

Postby Jeanne - Simme Valley » Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:45 pm

Calf is NOT too muscled.
But, as mentioned, the fact that he is registered only helps you by having a better idea of what he "should" produce. but, if you plan on selling the cows, all that matters is that they are bred, and the older bull has a better chance of getting cows bred.
The offspring are just common commercial cattle, just like their dam. I always recommend buying a PB vs a mutt, but if you plan to sell them, you are not $$$ ahead using a PB bull.
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