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Re: First 2018 Calf

Postby wbvs58 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:18 am

Bright Raven wrote:
wbvs58 wrote:In my experience with the presentation as it should be for a delivery and well lubed and the force that I could physically apply I would think it unlikely to cause any major damage. I do concede that there are people a lot stronger than me.


A few years ago, I ask my neighbor to help me pull a calf from a heifer. He is stout. He put one foot on each side of the heifer's azz. We put chains on the front feet. I have the cross bar that hooks to each chain. The presentation was normal. He simply used brute force and pulled the calf out. The calf was over 100 pounds. I don't remember the weight. After she got up, she was bleeding. I called the vet. Before he could get a hemostat on the uterine artery, she dropped dead in the chute. The calf was delivered dead.

Obviously, the procedure was poor. But you can certainly do damage by hand pulling.

I stand corrected Ron but then this wasn't me pulling. They can also do damage to themselves with no one pulling.

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