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Backgrounding & feeding questions.
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Re: Feed Bins

Post by farmerjan » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:13 pm

Since all our bins are 2nd, 3rd, or more, "hand" they have often been knocked around. So a few little dents here & there, banging them around taking them down, has caused the welds and rivets to be compromised. A couple we riveted patches on the inside where they were rusting through. I also paid little or nothing for the 5 we have. No augers, we fill buckets directly from the bottom with a slide opening. There are alot around here that have been left to sit and they are the ones that get wet spots, and then cause feed problems. With the dairies going out of business, and the farms being sold off into small "farmettes" or 5-25 acre "estates", the bins are often sold off or taken down, stored out "behind the barn" and then start to rust and get dents etc from the moving. Have never had a new one so can't say. The sweet feed tends to stick to the sides more, the pellets flow pretty good. But this year with all the wet/moisture/rain etc has caused some mold in any that do not close up pretty tight. I have had trouble with the pellets in one getting wet where the dent doesn't allow a smooth flow to the bottom and we cannot find any leaks in the side. There is one somewhere there, maybe higher up we haven't found. I still wouldn't trade them as it is definitely cheaper to get feed by the ton and then you can get a custom mix if you want it.

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Re: Feed Bins

Post by littletom » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:40 pm

I got first bin last fall got a metal 5 ton with auger on a concrete pad. I have nothing to compare it to but it beats the heck out of the gravity wagon i was using. Big tobacco bought it for me through the caip program.

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Re: Feed Bins

Post by mrvictordomino » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:41 pm

I have the 6.5 ton poly bin. Love it!!! Feed flows freely, no build up on the cone walls. Been using it for three years now. Had a galvanized bin for years until it rusted out. Feed would build up on the cone walls and would not flow freely when feed level got low. You can also see the feed level through the white walls.

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