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Re: Shooting Dogs

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:28 am
by greybeard
Dave wrote:One of the ranchers here had 300+ calves weaned 40+ days in a smallish pasture. He had them sold on the video and was shipping on Saturday. On Thursday night a neighbors dog decided to get in and chase them. Friday morning there were calves scattered from hello to breakfast. They were on the roads, mingled in with other peoples cattle, every where except in the field they started at. I had 18 of them in my pasture which is about 4 miles away. There was 9 of them up the canyon 5 miles past my place. No place to load them up there so they got to drive them back down here. It took them all day to gather them back up. That was the rancher, his hired man, and neighbors pitching where they could. How much weight do you suppose they had run off?

But but but the dog wuz just havin a little fun, didn't mean no harm....