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Re: The Weasel - Never see them

Postby M.Magis » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:53 am

Bright Raven wrote:
M.Magis wrote:I've caught more than one dog, including my own, and they're none the worse for wear. I'd suggest having a catch pole to prevent being bitten, but there's no reason to worry about hurting them. I use offset and laminated jaws these days, there's no reason to use padded jaws.

Tell me a little more about the laminated offset. Does Fur Havesters stock them?

Like FFS mentioned, F&T sells laminations and also sells traps already laminated, like the MB550. I’m pretty sure any trapper supply company sells them, they’re pretty common now. I made my own. I just welded 3/16 round stock to the jaws. I like tinkering, so I bought some Bridger #2s and laminated them, added base plates, and double swiveled. Traps like the MB come pretty much coyote ready.
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