Nuisance permits/Hunting privileges

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Nuisance permits/Hunting privileges

Postby hkj » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:44 am

Hello to all,
My name is Henry I'm Staff Sergeant in the Army on active duty currently stationed in Virginia just outside of Washington D.C. After many months of the Army sending me to fun and exciting places and attending schools I finally have time to take a breath and do some hunting. I'm trying to find anyone who would be willing to allow me to hunt their land whether during normal big game hunting seasons or eliminating nuisance animals like coyotes, ground hogs, deer and hogs etc. I enjoy it all and I'm very proficient with rifles and archery and can travel extended distances. I have attended several hunter safety instruction courses and was a Hunter Safety Instructor for the state of Arizona. I will be greatly appreciative of any opportunities afforded to me and information that you may provide.

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