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Post by wbvs58 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:57 am

I picked up a new kelpie pup today, a bit unexpected. I saw an add for giveaway pups at the Coop a bit over a week ago and answered it but all the bitches had gone. Last night I got a phone call and one became available as the guy that wanted her could not get approval as he lived in a rental so we ducked down today and picked her up. The parents are nice looking kelpies, the be nice black and tan and the male a red dog. They are also very usefull workers, the owners have a lot of sheep on several properties and are very dependent on the dogs. They are also handy on cattle. Jedda is 8 wks old so nice and young, seems very calm and sensible. Can't argue about the price.
I have a be nice on order from the breeder of my Ellie that I lost several weeks ago but these puppies won't be born for another 3 weeks yet so am not guaranteed of a be nice being available yet. I will still go ahead with a pup if one is available but I am hedging my bets by taking Jedda. I think two young bitches bringing one on after the other will be a good fit for me. Hopefully Jedda will have a bit of experience to help start the next.


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Re: Jedda

Post by TCRanch » Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:19 am

She's a cutie, congrats!

And I'm laughing at the auto-censor correct of the appropriate term for a female dog to "be nice" :lol:

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Re: Jedda

Post by 76 Bar » Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:59 am

Yay Ken!!! :banana: Jedda's a cute thing! You're brave soul taking on two Kelpie youngsters isn't for the faint of heart! ;-)
I too am laughing at the auto censor police...apparently singular of "beech" is a no no but plural gets a green light. :lol:
Will be curious to know what you get from Jan and how it's bred.

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