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Re: hanging tree dogs..

Postby customcattle » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:04 pm

I have a hanging tree dog. He is just 2 years old and for my limited ability getting one trained he is actually getting to be pretty solid. Most days I can gather all of our cows with just him and me. He doesn't have a whole lot of bite to him, but he definitely saved me during calving season. I was tagging a calf and the cow hooked me down. Slick (the dog) knows to not leave the side by side when I am tagging, but when the cow got me down he be nice near chewed her ear off. I was able to get clear and call him off. He is definitely a very active dog that needs something to do. If he doesn't have a job he wants to pester our roping donkey a lot. He isn't interested in playing with a ball or anything so I have to go work him either on goats or bottle calves pretty much daily.
As far as a family dog, he is great. I have two young daughters and if we aren't working he really isn't my dog. If they are out playing I don't worry about them because he is always ALWAYS with them, and very protective of them. He hasn't ever bitten anybody, but I was playing with my oldest and she screamed and he jumped up baring his teeth at me until I spoke to him. He also tore into a 130 pound lab that knocked my daughter down one time. He just got the other dog far enough away from her and came back and licked her face until she got up. He has never shown any aggression toward people coming in the yard or anything, but would hate to see what he would do if you messed with his girls (my daughters). He plays with them a lot too going up and down the slide with them, they dress him up in princess dresses and maul the snot out of him and he just loves every minute of it.

The short of the long is I am really impressed with what I have seen from him. Started him on stock when he was about 6 months and he's been progressing ever since, and I can't imagine a better dog for my daughters.
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