Carolina Reaper chip challenge

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Carolina Reaper chip challenge

Post by skyhightree1 » Thu May 17, 2018 1:27 pm

So one of my friends said he would do it if I bought the chip so I said uhh... ok let me find out more about it found this link to it on amazon ... merReviews

umm 150.00 bucks for one chip no way however I did read this review it was hilarious

Top customer reviews
Matt Torch
5.0 out of 5 starsI tried one tonight, and it was the most painful thing I've ever eaten! Worth it!
October 28, 2017
First off, why does it seem like so many people giving 1 stars, and looks like none have bought/tried them? Yes it's expensive (yet as cheap as $5 directly from the maker each). It's one chip, but it's a challenge. All you need is one chip. If you are someone who loves heat, this is the ultimate challenge for you. If you are looking for a snack, go buy some Doritos.

So I didn't buy mine on Amazon. A friend had bought 10 for $47.90 directly from the site. Three of us did the challenge tonight. Here's my detailed write-up on The One Chip Challenge.

The Box:
The makers went out of their way to make both the outside and inside of the box look amazing, with a handful of warnings, and obligatory cryptic illustrations. This was better fitting than if you got just the chip in a plastic pouch. Inside, you find the single chip sealed in a metallic cellophane pouch with an easy tear tab.

The Chip:
- The look: It's like your regular Dorito chip in size and shape. The powder coloring is far darker looking like a mix between the deep reds/burgundies of paprika and chili powder.
- The smell: It smells somewhat bad, almost like dry mold. Sniffing it doesn't make you gasp like sniffing hot sauce or any powdered pepper.
- The Texture: As stated, it's just like a Dorito chip. However, the chip is heavily coated in their rage inducing painful powder.

Finally, the timeline of eating it:
- In the mouth: Immediately started to chew it up entirely, and swallowing. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON try to talk during this. If you inhale any of that death powder into your lungs might send you to the hospital. I almost did. This is no joke!
- 10 seconds: The taste isn't great, but not to the point of gagging (in my opinion).
- 20 seconds: Okay. Now it's starting to kick in, but no big deal. I'd liken the heat to the same amount of time as chewing on a raw habanero.
- 30 seconds: There it is. This is going to be bad. My entire mouth is burning, and the back of my throat is getting there.
- 1 minute: Full and utter destruction of my mouth and throat. Breathing was painful for through them.
- 1.5 minutes: I looked like I was pepper sprayed. Tears pouring down my face, and nose running like Usain Bolt.
NOTE: The above happened for the next 2 minutes. Shortly after the 1.5 minute mark, I conceded to a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
- 3 minutes: SO... MUCH... PAIN! This is when I started to sweat, but not as bad as you read on...
- 5 minutes: THE PAIN TRAVELED TO MY STOMACH! Probably since I didn't take in milk or ice cream, I was hit with the most destructive stomach ache I've ever had in my life. It was like a gnome had a propane torch raping my innards. I went outside to sit in 35 degree weather, and was sweating. I did dry heave a couple times, but fought trying to vomit knowing it coming up would be a double dose.

From the 5 to 10 minute mark:
As noted, I went outside in cold weather to sit in chair. I was light-headed, entire body sweaty and tacky, and started to feel my hands get tingly. The pain in my stomach was far worse than experienced in my mouth, throat and face. I did take a couple scoops of ice cream that seemed to pay off later.

From 10 to 15 minute mark:
I went inside to the bathroom where I sat on the thrown. Still some noticeable pain on my face, mouth and throat. My stomach was DESTROYED. I was shaking, both hands numb entirely with pins and needles, and the feeling like I was going to pass out. I started to normalize as the stomach pain subsided, but still in some kind of shock to the point of trying to put my jacket back on before pulling my pants up.

From 15 to 30 minute mark:
At the beginning, I was still hurting from my face and stomach. Oh, and also still sweating. These weren't as intense as prior markers, but just enough to unsettle me. The feeling of dizziness and cold tingling hands were tapered down. Still there, but not to the point of the feeling that I might pass out.

From 30 minutes on:
A feeling of pure calm. My lips had some residual burn like you ate a hot wing 20 minutes ago, but that was it. My stomach was relatively calm. The three of us just sat and were calm and complacent. It's as if the three of us who did the challenge would be on a crashing plane only to think, "Meh, I've been on better roller coasters."

+1 STAR living up to it's name.
+1 STAR for the presentation of the box and chip.
+1 STAR for the pain induced.
+1 STAR for the euphoria after the hurt subsides.
+1 STAR for the people who didn't buy it or try it. Quite your b**ching.

Oh Great Spirit, who made all races,look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separates us from our brothers.

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