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Re: Oilfield​

Postby Caustic Burno » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:53 am

greybeard wrote:
The Rice Vision well here was so high pressure they pulled off in 09

Not exactly true CB. The rig they were using at VRU#1 was too small..too light, and pumps not enough fluid horsepower. Rig shortage at the time and they couldn't get a rig suitable and took a chance. Got in trouble because of it, couldn't set a packer, had to call in a snubbing unit and the CT got stuck in the hole because of loose rubble in the well bore going thru the AC on the way to eagle ford/Woodbine, which is below the chalk.
They were at 14K ft, developing angle and the rig they were using couldn't overcome the friction of the angled well bore. Eventually got the 1st horizontal section drilled and while setting a packer on that section is when their real problems began. Bottomhole pressure 13,000psi. High for the chalk formation but not altogether unheard of at all but should be doable with the right equipment. Anadarko has drilled wells in the same area and formations and had no trouble, but Anadarko is not a novice to high pressure or flow rates.

Meanwhile, while preparing for a second well, that company had to find new $$..and better rigs. Pantheon had only been in business since 2005..a British company.
They partnered with the old Kaiser Francis company out of Tulsa.

You can talk to some of your fellow PANR investors here--they're ready to chuck it in an buy powerball tickets:
http://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChat.asp?page ... icker=PANR

Somebody else is negotiating to drill this time. I am friends with the surface/partial royalty owners.
I heard Pantheon was out, don’t know how much water that holds.
I haven’t gotten any new contract paperwork on that tract.
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